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VUDESK is offering free services to its members and as a member you are expected to follow the Community rules to keep the website friendly and acceptable for others. Please go through the following rules and have a clear understanding to be an effective part of the community.


No foul or abusive language is tolerated here. No matter what you have to say, you need to choose some decent vocabulary for it. You should not attempt to disguise bad language or bypassing bad language filters is not allowed.

2.Personal attacks and criticism:

We do not believe in criticism alone and suggest our members to propose positive and progressive ideas. You can disagree with others in the community, however you are not allowed to insult by any means. Being offensive will force us to revoke your rights to participate at VUStudents.

3.No racism is allowed:

No race is superior than others, we work for the rights of humans not any specific race. We disallow hatred towards any race and such acts can just get you banned.

4.Unethical content:

VUDESK disallow publishing unethical contents such as sexual, drugs related, and immoral thoughts. We have too much of unethical content already on the Internet, we do not need any at VUDESK.
5.No spamming:
VUDESK rejects any spamming and forcefully advertising content. With over a decade working on the Internet, we can differentiate between original and spam content. So don't test our skills.

6.No Advertising/Other website Links :
In VUDESK Other website Links for self advertising are not Allowed all over vudesk Discussions ,blogs, photos etc.Before posting Discussion make sure its free of other website links and tags.

7.Follow Govt Laws:

All members are bound to follow their local Government laws about Internet content publishing. If you do not agree with our rules, we respectfully ask you to not become a member of our community. VUDESK moderators are watching new updates on the website and anything violating rules is eliminated from the site. We are open to suggestions and user input to improve our website policy and rules. Feel free to comment at this page or discuss it at forums. · Before watching a video lecture, read the handout of that lecture and prepare questions/queries in advance · watch the lectures and prepare key notes · Focus on Quran and Hadith in your notes. · Describe translation of verses in easy English. · Do spend at least 2 hours on a lecture to have a better understanding: o Half an hour for reading lecture handouts o One hour for watching video lecture o Half an hour for self-preparation of notes for your reference · Complete your work on daily basis to avoid any problems. Working on daily basis is the key to your success. · Post your lecture related problems only on MDB. Do not send them through e-mail because such questions will not be answered through e-mail. · Do visit your VU-LMS on regular basis for getting latest updates about your course. · Reading the course content in-line with the video lectures will help you to avoid inconvenience while attempting surprise quizzes · In exams, always write “to-the-point”, give priority to quote correct references from Quran and Hadith, answer for every question and “time management” is more important than writing long stories. · Books for further study:


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kisi user ka name /nick name english me hona chaeye............!

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